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to South Pass City

South Pass City’s first gold rush came in the summer of 1868. The discovery of the Cariso Lode, brought thousands of miners, merchants, & entrepreneurs.  Over 2000 people called  South Pass City home - for a little while.  The boom looked promising but faltered. When the “color” started to fade many South Pass City residents fled.  

However, a core of hangers-on continued to believe in SPC & worked hard to make ends meet.  These rugged individuals would see other booms come & go but rarely faltered in their dedication.

In 1968, on the town’s centennial, a group of Wyoming citizens donated the town to the State of Wyoming.  

Today, South Pass City is an authentic glimpse at a community that survived the booms & busts of gold fever

Closed for the Winter Season

We re-open May 15th, 2015